Change Log


    1. Asf\Util::atrim the parameter issue
    2. Service.Action the parameter filter issue
    3. GPC the default value issue

    1. Beautify var_dump (Asf\Qdebug\Dump)
    2. The Full PHP Exception Log
    3. The configuration file resident memory


Fixed Bug
    1. Fix variable name refcount issue
    2. If PHP Fatal error, Check EG(current_execute_data) value
    1. Configuration load file config.php
    2. Check DB connection available, DB::close() function adjustment
    3. Function adjustment asf_loader_import()
    4. Asf_Loader::get() Turn on Exception, The function '__construct' with parameters don’t calls


Fixed Bug:
    1. Fix Asf\Util unicode character
    2. Fix QB::having dtor in PHP 7.0
    3. Fix ASF_G global variable incomplete statement

    1. Delete the default comment in the file asf.c and php_asf.h

    2. Init ASF_G global variable


Fixed Bug:
    1. When choosing a protocol ‘Asf_Route_Dot’, The URI has been changed
    2. If Asf_Http_Response::redirect in CLI mode, Then return a ‘FALSE’
    3. Coding standard update
    4. Fix __construct function initialization issue in PHP 7.0.* (PHP BUG Compatible)
    5. Fix QB::orWhereIn args_len issue in PHP 7.2.4
    6. Fix QB::between The result set is empty
    7. Fix Asf\Util unicode character
    8. Fix QB::having dtor in PHP 7.0
    9. Fix ASF_G global variable incomplete statement

    1. QB generated SQL file 'Asf_SQL_Log' format optimization
    2. QB model Auto-Add Backquote
    3. asf_project script update
    4. Clean up excess invalid files in the directory

    1. Add Util common classes
    2. ‘Asf_SQL_Log’ add execution time


Fixed Bug:
    1.Used the md5 function, More than one byte issue.
    2.The QueryBuilder function, If the returned result is null, an empty array is returned.

    1.Suppert PHP Coding Standards.
    2.The Email Address for 360 change to 126.

    1. Add file used the github


BUG修复 位于asf.dispatcher.route 解析问题
BUG修复 位于dispatcher.setDefault* 方法中, 触发异常时漏return问题
BUG修复 位于Bootstrap阶段程序出现异常时, 日志记录不正确问题
BUG修复 在PHP7.0.0版本中, Query Builder某些功能不能正常使用问题

解决 一些异常提示信息规范问题
解决 Asf_Router 类名规范问题
解决 GCC强检验模式下 make warning

优化 路由解析器解析功能
新增 路由规则自定义配置功能
新增 框架运行模式查看功能
新增 异常日志文件名称支持自定义功能